How To Use Free Forums To Build Your Home Based Business Online! (Part 3)


Forums are a great way to build your home based business online. I’m continuing from where I stopped the last time. Please check out from my profile to locate the 1st and 2nd part of this series on forum marketing.

3. More patronage.

One thing you should know is this, people buy only from experts. You can actually make yourself one if you set your heart to it and try putting in just 2 months into any forum doing all I have said in the previous articles on this issue.

4. The Search engine finds you.

Because you have made many posts online regarding issues in your market, the search engine displays your answers to questions posed by members of that forum.

What this does is that even none members of that forum takes your advice and checks out your profile bringing more business to you.

Below are the factors you work on when looking for a good forum to participate in.

– The List Size.

Personally, if a forum in my market is less than 5,000 people I do not join because I would not get as many traffic as I would want, however, you can set your own limits.

– At least 3 – 5 forums.

If you decide to promote your business using forums, your aim should be to participate regularly with a total of 3 – 5 forums between 15,000 – 100,000 people in total population.

That way, your message and posts will build relationship with a considerable number of people simultaneously.

Watch out for the conclusion from the final part of this article.

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