Do you want a closet that looks as neat and as organized as the other parts of your home? And do you want it to be tailored according to your storage needs and your personal preference? Why not consider a custom closet design?

Custom closets are those that are designed, constructed and mounted to your exact dimensions and specifications. They don’t just fit your available space and all the items that you want them accommodate; they are also made to suit your personal taste and the design of your home as well. You can customize your closet all by yourself or with someone’s help.

If you are a busy person and you believe that you don’t have the time and the creative vision for a custom closet design, then call or go to your cabinet component supplier and ask for their services. You can even order a custom-made closet online. However, ordering online can be a bit scary sometimes, especially if you are planning to order a custom-designed product. There are few tips that can help make your online purchase of custom closet more secure and quite easier.

1. Get to know the layout of your closet. Get the precise measurements including the height of every wall. If there’s a difference on the ceiling height of your closet, you have to determine exactly the part where the change takes place. To take the widths of the wall, you must get the dimensions at the floor level, mid-way and the highest level.

2. Formulate a simple sketch of the closet and indicate the measurements of each wall. This sketch can help you figure out your closet’s potential.

3. Think of a practical floor plan. When thinking of a design for the floor of your closet, be realistic enough on the available space as well as the obstructions in the closet. In an attempt to maximize the storage space, most individuals tend to over design the spaces in the closet. Don’t forget that the place for hanging clothes should be at least 24 inches deep and for folded wardrobe, the least possible depth of the shelf is 12 inches.

4. Determine the type of items that you will store in the closet and the space that you should allocate for every type. Decide if you want your closet to have drawers and how many drawers do you need.

5. Start creating your custom closet design. You can look for an online design program that can creatively design your closet. There are home centers and closet companies that offer design programs online.

6. Design your closet one wall at a time. It is advisable to choose the companies that suggest custom closet design and systems that make use of all the closet space, even the corners. So after choosing the program that suits your needs, start designing your closet.

After creating a perfect custom closet design, you should tell the store or the company the design that you want. You can also choose the material and color that you desire. Then they will provide you with a drawing of the proposed closet. Once you approved it, they will now ship the pre-assembled pieces for you to mount.

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