Get the Latest Model With Van Contract Hire


If you want to drive the latest van, then contract hire, as opposed to purchasing, is an excellent and affordable choice. To purchase a brand new van is a big business expense, if you buy outright, or choose to buy via a loan. But by taking out a van contract hire deal, you have the use of of the latest model of van for a set a period, for a fraction of the cost of purchasing it as the monthly fee you pay will be less than that than paying off a loan.

When taking out contract hire agreement you will have to pay a deposit which is usually the equivalent of three monthly payments. But you do have the option of electing to pay a larger deposit, thereby reducing your monthly payments.

The beauty of van contract hire is that you will be paying for a van which you know will be used regularly and not just sitting in a garage. This is because all agreements include a clause on mileage. You only sign up for deal for the amount of mileage you know you are likely to do. If you know that the miles driven will not be high, you sign a cheaper low mileage deal. If your van is set for a lot of use, you sign a deal which allows high mileage. Depending on the leasing company you are dealing with, the allowed mileage can often be changed should your requirements alter.

As well as the financial advantages that a leasing agreement can offer contract hire also has other benefits. By signing an agreement for a set period, your business will not be carrying the expense of the vehicle for longer than needed. Depending on the type of deal signed, once the contract is over, you can hand the van back, extend the contract, or buy the vehicle outright. If handing the van back you will be able to immediately enter into a new contract for another brand new van. This means you can continue having the use of a new up-to-date model without putting your business under enormous financial strain.

Other advantages of van contract hire is that road tax is included in the deal and, depending on the company your are dealing with, free delivery and collection of the vehicle is also available. Also, as it will be new, your van will be covered by a full manufacturers warranty.

For businesses seeking to use the latest model of van, contract hire offers a cash effective solution.

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