2022 Audi A8 First Look: A Sharpened Up Luxury Sedan


Recently, Audi revealed a slightly upgraded A8 luxury sedan. Basically, it is the next installment after the fourth-generation 8. Some changes include regular OLED taillights, airways grille, and new headlights.

It comes with a dynamic frontend design. The headlights use digital Matrix LED Technology. The lower edge of the headlights generates a contour over the upright air intakes. On the backside of the vehicle, you have OLED taillights.

S8 comes with three light signature styles, unlike the other variants that provide only two. In the S8, if you go for the dynamic mode, the backlights will turn into the dynamic exclusive signature. Besides, you also have the proximity indicator. And the functions include dynamic turn signals.

On the A8, Audi provides the S appearance unit. If you prefer a sportier look, you may not have much dynamism with SE dance. But you can customize and make a combo of the optional black and S experience packages. you may like the chrome package if you prefer embellishments that are quite prominent. As for as exterior paint options are concerned, you can choose from Ultra blue, manhattan gray, firmament blue, and metallic district green.

The interior comes with a configurable, high-grade material. Plus, there is a wide range of equipment and seed layouts. Besides, the cabin uses the MMI system of Audi and features a pair of touch screens. One screen is 8.6 inches and the other is 10.1 inches.

The virtual cockpit is all digital if you prefer a digital gauge cluster. So, the navigation system is the next level. If you are an Audiophile, you can enjoy your playlist on this powerful sound system. Besides, the real compartment is also quite fancy, especially if you go for the A8 L model. These hidden feature options are galore. The center console is stretched-out. Plus, the footrest can heat and massage your feet.

In this vehicle, rear passengers can enjoy your favorite content on a beautiful 10.1-inch screen that is fitted to the front seatbacks. Plus, they can get a body massage and enjoy a cold beverage at the same time. There can fold out to tables as well. Plus, there is an air quality package that comes with a fragrance system, which is optional.

For climate control, there is a 4-zone air conditioning system. Plus, the headrests and seats are power-adjustable. In case you don’t know, there is an extremely luxurious A8 version that will be available for purchase in China only.

The A8 L Horch targets the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. Plus, A8 features an extended wheelbase along with a posh interior. In other words, the interior includes an expanded panoramic roof, deep pile methods, embossed logos, diamond-pattern quilting, and soft throw pillows.

For the US market, the powertrain choices will be the same. It includes both the twin-turbo V-8 that produces a torque of 590 lb-ft and the hybrid V-6. The 2022 Audi A8 will be out to purchase in December in the UK. The price of the base unit is $115,000 while the price of the S variant is $168,000.

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