West Jefferson property transfers for March 24-31, 2022. See a list of home and other sales | Business News

Below is a compilation of properties sold in West Jefferson Parish from March 24-31, 2022. Data is compiled from public records.


Transfers for March 24-31


Avondale Garden Road 405: Ali A. Aziz and Sheila Aziz to My Team R&R LLC, $50,000.

Janet Drive 125: On T. Tran to Christopher M. Baldassaro, $94,500.

Mission Court 238: Aaron J. Santacruze to Enjoli Lewis, $147,000.


Barataria Park subdivision, lot 22: Nikka Campbell and Fredrick Y. Campbell to Dong T. Nugyen, $79,500.


Pecan Grove subdivision, lot 13, square 11: Barry M. Rome to Emma L. D. Rome, donation.


Apple St. 161: Chris J. Delamin and Wendy S. Delamin to Future Property Investments LLC, $20,000.

Capital Lane 180: Elizabeth Dinsmore to Roxanna F. Duet, $49,000.

Cheramies Landing condo, RV camper unit 20: Keith A. Torres and Patricia Torres to Blake A. Torres and Nicole Torres, donation.

La. 1, 1954: JBMO Properties LLC to Kadencraig LLC, $50,000.

La. 1, 3016: Scott A. Hamilton and Elizabeth Hamilton to 4H Rentals LLC, $250,000.


Alison St. 1472: Helga Loerwald to Michelle Wilson and Todd Grosch, $140,439.08.

Appletree Lane 341: Shelley McGar to J&J Property Developments LLC, donation.

Appletree Lane 341: Zachary McGar to Shelley McGar, donation.

Behrman Highway 802 A B: Elsa G. Muth to Mark A. Bondlow, donation.

Bush subdivision, lot 1, square 1: SBDG Properties LLC to Roy J.D. Gattuso, $600,000.

Bush subdivision, lot 15: SBDG Properties LLC to Gretna Village Apartments LLC, $900,000.

Empire Place 2123: Aneury A. Marte and Mayerlin Y. Marte to Jennifer Ramirez, $225,000.

Evergreen Drive 1109: Jan Wilson, Steven J. Wilson and Patrick R. Wilson to Earl A. Kaiser IV, $282,000.

Evergreen Drive 1120: Henry J. Relayson and Jacquelyn F. Relayson to Tuyen T. Le, $136,000.

Farmington Place 526: Fabienne Elien, Jerry Elien and Christopher Elien to Rebecca Elien, donation.

Garden Park Estates subdivision, lot 42D, square 2: Wolfe Assets LLC to Mallary M. Wolfe, Mallary W. Matherne and Ryan J. Wolfe, donation.

Garden Park Estates, part lot 42E, square 2: Wolfe Assets LLC to Grace Cantin and Ronald Cantin Sr., $6,358.36.

Hickory St. 833: Phyllis D. Sikes to Curtis E. Thiel and Lisa Thiel, $215,000.

Lafayette St. 1131: RPT Management LLC to Roger & Harriet Toups Living Trust, donation.

Lake Aspen East Drive 3640: Edna P. Griffin and Joan M. Griffin to Canaan LLC, $376,000.

Linda Court 144: Rhett M. Hall to Ricky J. Templet and Christine D. Templet, $255,000.

Linda Court 150: Christine Dillenkoffer and Ricky J. Templet to Ryan J. Templet, $300,000.

Marie Drive 58: Anna L. Breaux to Baron Construction Co., $205,000.

N. Randall Court 103: Wolfe Assets LLC to Sybil Lanzetta, $390,000.

New England Court 39: Sergio Ventura and Shannon P. St. Clair to Kevin M. Troescher, $40,000.

Oakwood Drive 537: Tyler Sandeen to Morale Hoskins, $265,000.

Perry St. 816: Valeria York to Prudencio R.C. Lopez and Bertha O. Mendoza, $130,000.

Place de Concorde, Park Place, no further data: Bonnie Rizzuto to Ramon Ramos Jr., $180,000.

Truxton St. 1120: Willie M. Selico to Green Homes REM LLC, $65,000.

Willow Drive 200: Urban 2. Urban Homes LLC to Hobart L. Walls Jr. and Brandi B. Walls, donation.

Woodberry Lane 3: Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust HB1 to Donald Carrithers, $89,000.

Wyndham North 1209: Mohammad A. Sarsour to Sajedeh A. Judeh and Mazin M. Sarsour, donation.


Breckenridge Drive 2000: C&J RE Investors LLC to Emmanuel Fils and Naromie C. Fils, $142,500.

Brown Ave. 500: Derek A. Millet to Siddiqui Westbank LLC, $345,000.

Clover Lane 3804: J. Roque Properties LLC to Adrian M. Taylor and Jamia A. Smart, $155,000.

Dogwood Drive 1617: Blanca L. Abreu, Paino R. Abreu and Blanca A. Lelvia to Gilbert Damis, $191,050.

E. Sunny Meade Drive 2425: Terrinasha Smith to Denzelle Dibartolo, donation.

Estalote Ave. 704: Megan H. Gonzales to John R. Tarsitana Jr., $65,000.

Esther St. 1845: Wendell R. Frederick and Darlene P. Frederick to Josue I.P. Lopez, Martha E.S. Lopez and Josue I. Ponce, $40,000.

Lake Arrowhead Drive 3405: Home Smart Properties LLC to Amal Awni and Issam S. Rimawi, $231,000.

Lake Superior Drive 1837: BRZM Properties LLC to Vinh Q. Tran and Nguyen T.L. Vo, $475,000.

Marvin Court 1001: Kuntu Huang to Lin T. Ieong, donation.

N. Friendship Drive 2320: Terry Y. Butler to Anthony E. Bassett Jr. and Shaneka D. Keller, $190,000.

N. Timbers Court 3828: Richard Meerman, Joanne Meerman, Janet Meerman and Robert Meerman to Riccardo Ravy, $240,000.

South New Orleans, no further data: Manhattan Lots LLC to Tenth & Calliope LLC and Rodney Irons Jr., $35,000.

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South New Orleans, no further data: Manhattan Lots LLC to Tenth & Calliope LLC and Rodney Irons Jr., donation.

Stall Drive 1829: Walter H. Croft to Isabel M. Croft, donation.

Teakwood Drive 1028: Sheila L. Hughes and Sherman L. Hughes Sr. to Yen H. Do, $139,000.

Timberlane Way 3328, unit 102: Perry J. Fontanille to Deborah M. Thomas, $127,000.

Town of Harvey, plot S, no further data: Superior Imports Inc. to Classic Properties Harvey LLC, $6,350,000.

Vulcan St. 2657: Lucy L. Miller to Lucy L. Miller Revocable Inter Vivos Trust, donation.

Wedgwood Court 13: Sonia M. Youssef and Tarek A. Youssef to Torey D. Albert and Marcella S.H. Albert, $400,000.

W. Friendship Drive 2821: Willow LLC to Wallace Allen Jr. Construction LLC, $50,000.

Westmere St. 2221: Keysha Harris and Keysa I.H. Temple to Anthony Agnew, $240,000.

Willow St. 1900: Keith J. Richoux and Ashley N. Kilpatrick to Jacob Lanassa, $205,000.


Main Road 5154: Rayford J. Blanchard to Kline Perrin Jr. Holdings LLC, $450,000.


Allo Ave. 1316: Amy C. Angrisano to Nhung Pham, $160,000.

Ames Court 5548: Brian Dufrene to Tiara Jackson, $191,000.

Bayou Teche Drive 2805: Ryan Bellanger to Mary E.I. Rafteseth and Kevin S. Isaac Sr., $196,000.

Brentwood Park subdivision, lot 61A4, square B: Leigh Lee II LLC to Mimosa Avenue LLC, $400,000.

Buccaneer Drive 2633: Darlyne Plaisance and Darylne M. Plaisance to Brandy L. Alford, donation.

Diane Drive 1717: Rachel M. Geisz to Spanish Moss Properties LLC, $75,000.

Dylan Drive 2829: DSLD Homes LLC to Darion Richardson and Aaron Richardson, $282,080.

Jeanne Drive 2808: Sophia Williams and Abdou Lalene to Ashley M. Fitz, $185,000.

Kathleen Drive 2200: Audrey B. Falgout and Huey P. Falgout to Michael C. Poe, $299,900.

Lapalco Blvd. 5421: Carroll J. Landry Jr., James R. Martin, Maria M. Landry and Charline Martin to Lapal LLC, $700,000.

Louis I Ave. 5817: Melinda A. Legendre to Teresa B. Williams, $160,000.

Mesa Drive 2601: Irene M. Morris to Joshua J. Morris, $206,000.

Mt. Blanc Drive 3036: Tung T. Le and Lanh P. Le to Alcides M. Matos and Carmen G. Burgos, $179,000.

Oak Bayou Ave. 5024: Dionne D. Nichols to Irasha M. Biagas, $208,000.

Pearl subdivision, lot 59B, square 7: Myra Collura and William D. Rogers to Tina P. Cao, $60,000.

Pelican Bay Blvd. 2624: Jessica M. Taylor to Rianne Monroe, $280,000.

Rachel St. 7401: Amped Investments LLC to Dustin Bennett and Heaven Costanza, $196,000.

Ramsey St. 2573: Carol Schouest and Glen Bayhi to Hassan Sarmini, $86,962.48.

Rue Louis Phillipe Drive 6553: Kenneth Davis Jr. to Kori McClinton, $215,000.

Sunrise Drive 116: Elsa G. Muth to Mark A. Bondlow, donation.

Village Court 2739: Matthew T. Pertuit to Stephani Vidrine, $246,000.

Westbank Expressway 5601: Tho B. Le, Ngoc B.H. Le and Phuocba Le to Jose M.D. Perez and Lucianny M. Perez, donation.


Helen St. 329-31: Whittington Helen St. Properties LLC to Woodland Oaks LLC, $300,000.

Mystic Ave. 764: Mary E. Magill to Elegant Houses LLC, $128,105.

Mystic Ave. 785: Christopher C. Wilcox to Elizabeth Q. Meza, donation.


E. Kayla Lane 9500: Coast Builders LLC to Kimberly Knighten, $479,600.

W. Terran Lane 9559: Coast Builders LLC to Jennifer M. Lewis and Herbert A. Lewis Jr., $420,500.

Willard Place 40: Marrone Investments LLC to Pedro E. Martinez-Martinez, $87,500.


Avenue B. 264: Henry Quintanilla to Jazette Washington, $145,000.

Avenue G. 554: Michelle L. Brouillette to Van Tran, $190,000.

Carmen Drive 145: Vincent P. Burnetter and Lorraine M. Burnetter to Michael Rome, $93,200.

Cedre Drive 1047: Trey Billiot to Mauricio Tostado Jr. and Gabriella Tostado, $293,000.

Central Ave. 622: Oren A. Breaux Jr., Clyde Foret, Raymond J. Foret, Carol B. Foret and Brian Foret to Paula B. Lachica, $107,850.

Jeffer Drive 244: Amanda C. Rivero and Joseph M. Rivero to Denikka Carson and Darryl Lee, $230,000.

Keller Ave. 831: Marcia Breaux, Glen P. Breaux, Gene P. Breaux, Clark M. Leblanc, Jordan Leblanc and Marcia M. Breaux to Ralph E. Sacks, $129,000.

Laroussini St. 160-160½: Linda Turner and Richard J. Guillot to Norma H. Toups and Anthony G. Toups, donation.

Laroussini St. 160-160½: Norma H. Toups and Anthony G. Toups to Sandra S. Logrande and Dennis Turnbull Jr., $170,000.

Oak Ave. 148: Nicole T. Klingman to Chris J. Bourgeois, $165,000.

Segnette Estates subdivision, lot 23, square 2: Marrero Land & Improvement Association Ltd to Holly Dufrene and Silas Guillory Jr., $128,900.

Segnette Estates subdivision, lot 26, square 1: Marrero Land & Improvement Association Ltd to John Juneau and Joanna Juneau, $63,000.

Segnette Estates subdivision, lot 9, square 2: Marrero Land & Improvement Association Ltd to Joel E. Watts Jr. and Natasha T. Watts, $76,000.

Travis Drive 333: Kim Riley to Elizabeth V. Franscisco, donation.

Vine Drive 493: Susan M. Caillouet to Paul H. Radke III and Madison Radke, $199,000.

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