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Homeowners with a spare room or two are often left with a conundrum; do they use it for storage or as a space for their hobbies? The appeal of additional storage often wins out and many people find themselves with a spare room filled with all of the stuff they have collected over the years.

But, if you have refrained from using your spare room as storage then you might be wondering what you can do with it. Why not embrace technology and use some of the top home gadgets to unlock your spare room’s full potential?

Home cinema

A spare room can be transformed into a home cinema
Photo by Dylan Calluy on Unsplash

Over the past couple of years, many people have relied on binge watching TV shows and movies to get them through long periods stuck at home. If you love your visual entertainment then why not dedicate an entire room to it? 

You can create your very own cinema experience thanks to a projector and screen. Throw in a popcorn maker and some ice cream and it’s like you’re at a red carpet screening of a major blockbuster!

Your home cinema doesn’t have to be purely dedicated to watching films and TV shows. It can be a multifunctional space, especially if you or your partner enjoy your sport. Golf simulators are great for honing your skills with a club in hand but can also double as a home cinema with a few considered choices. Now you may never feel the need to leave the spare room ever again.

Modernising your walk-in wardrobe

If storage is the most practical solution for your spare room it’s still possible to make a transformation, especially if you are using it as a walk-in wardrobe. Clothes that are stored in a wardrobe for too long can often come out smelling musty and needing a wash before you wear them.

This problem typically rears its head twice a year; when we switch our summer and winter wardrobes over. One technological solution to this problem is a steam closet, which is like your very own dry cleaning service at home.

These closets ensure that your clothes come back into play and smell great, even if you haven’t worn them in a year. Many come in sleek designs, adding a touch of class to your walk-in wardrobe and can be controlled over WiFi which allows you to monitor the progress of each cleaning cycle.

LED light strips

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference to a room’s aesthetic. LED light strips make a vibrant addition to any room and instantly bring more personality to your home. They can be used to enhance anything from stairs to mirrors and cupboards.

For a spare room transformation, consider using LED light strips to backlight shelving and picture frames to make them stand out more. You could even consider using LED light strips to add some fun to your furniture to create a unique glow that can be adjusted to set the mood. Whether that’s for intense gaming, relaxed reading or getting the party started is up to you.

Digitise your reflection

Use a spare room as a dressing and makeup room
Photo by Adam Watson on Unsplash

Why upgrade your walk-in closet with one gadget when you can add another that works in perfect harmony with it? Smart mirrors are a wonderful addition to a dressing room as they do more than reflect what’s in front of them.

Hi-tech versions come with multiple sensors that can analyse your temperature and even track how healthy your skin is. They are often equipped with a camera that allows you to see how your outfit looks from 360 degrees, not just the front and side.

Smart mirrors accommodate a small computer behind their screens allowing them to give you information such as the weather, display text messages and even host video calls. This is perfect if you are away from home as your family can gather and speak with you in comfort rather than huddling around a laptop or phone screen.

Home bar tech

Sociable people might wonder what the point of having all that extra room in their home is for if they can’t bring friends and family over to share it. For those folks, the latest home bar technology may be calling to them. From installing your own optics dispensers and beer taps to a wine chiller or ice machine, there are plenty of gadgets to make your home bar your own.

If home brewing and distilling your own spirits is your passion then where better to show off all of your hard work than in your home bar? You can unleash your inner mixologist with a cocktail kit complete with mixing glasses, fruit presses and fancy glasses. For a retro vibe then a personalised neon sign would work wonders behind the bar, as would a vintage arcade machine.

Art projector

Lots of people use their spare room as a place for their hobbies, and if you have the space going then it’s a no-brainer to use it for your own enjoyment. Many people opt for a craft or artistic space and it’s certainly a good way to spend the time.

As a mindfulness activity, arts and crafts can help to boost your mood and reduce feelings of stress or anxiety. Spending an hour or so creating something allows us to get out of our heads for a while and focus on something productive.

Unfortunately, most of us aren’t blessed with the drawing skills of Picasso but that doesn’t mean we can’t make beautiful art. One way to hone your drawing skills and enhance your spare room is to introduce an art projector to the space. Art projectors can be used for tracing images, projecting large images onto a canvas as a guide or even for creating a light show.

Connected pillows

A calming meditation and relaxation  bedroom
Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

Sometimes we all just need somewhere we can go and relax for a while. If you lead a busy life then a meditation room could be the perfect antidote. With smart speakers and LED lighting, you can create the perfect atmosphere for mediation, relaxation and sleeping.

Connected pillows are a great addition to the set-up as they offer gentle vibrations and speakers to let your mind drift off into relaxed bliss. Your body will soon follow so consider other sleeping gadgets like a heated electric blanket or smart lamp that produces a warm glow that gently wakes you up.