How to Decide If You Need a Custom Built Home Office


Whether or not you should build a custom office will depend on the location and the size of your budget. If you want your office to form part of another room, then it may not be necessary to custom build anything, except perhaps some special shelves. Custom built shelving will ensure that you get the most use out of your space.

You can easily purchase a freestanding shelving unit, however they do gather dust in that crevice between the wall and the back of the shelves. It is almost impossible to clean and you would need to take everything off the unit before you can move it. For this reason alone, custom-built shelving may be the way to go.

Once you decide what you need in your office, and where it will all go, then it’s time to use your tape measure and see how much space you can allot to each item of furniture. If you cannot purchase the right furniture to fit the space, then consider custom built.

A custom built office offers you the style and color that suits you, even though it may not be available in the shops. You can have your specific space measured by professionals who will then consult you on your needs and tastes in design, style and color.

When you purchase pre-fab, then you cannot be sure of quality or fit. You must go with the nearest size of what you want, and you are stuck with whatever stuff it is made from. If you decide on two different units, you may be unable to get them in matching colors or timber.

While a custom built office may cost more, it will also last longer due to the quality. You will be happier to work in an environment that matches your tastes, and your clients will feel your professionalism when they see an office that you designed with such care.

Custom designers are experts in their job. They can advise you on the most efficient — and cost efficient — design for your needs. They will probably think of things that you may not, since they’ve probably had more experience is setting up offices than you have. Custom-built office staff are trained in how to get the best use of your available space, no matter if you have lots of room or only a little.

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