How to Build a Shelving Unit Under a Wall-Mounted Flat Screen TV


There’s no denying that your new television looks great hanging from wall brackets in your living room. Wall-mounted televisions are very much in vogue because of the way they instantly transform any home into a model of contemporary style, and the effect in your abode is no exception. You clearly made the right decision in choosing a TV mount over a stand.

But if there’s one thing to be said against flat screen mounts, it’s that they don’t come with any place to put electronic components. That means you could be left with no convenient means of storing your Xbox 360 or DVD player close enough to the TV that the cables can reach. An easy solution to this problem is to install shelves below the television.

If you are comfortable tackling DIY projects, then building your own shelving unit can save you lots of money when compared to commercially built products. Shelving units under flat screen mounts can be as basic or as intricate as you desire, allowing you to easily match the project to your skill level. The following instructions are intended to help beginners install two simple storage shelves underneath a wall-mounted TV.

Required tools and materials

Two planks of your favorite wood (Note: The length of the planks will be determined by the size of your television. You can make the shelves exactly the same length as your TV, or approximately 3 to 5 inches shorter on each end. The width/depth should be at least 10 inches for easy storage of electronic equipment.)

  • Electric drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood screws
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Single- or twin-track shelf standard and brackets (Twin-track is commonly used for heavy-duty support.)
  • Pencil
  • Stud sensor

1. Find the anchor stud(s).Use the stud sensor to locate the stud(s) that will hold the shelving standard in place. In most cases, a single-track standard will be affixed to the same stud as the wall brackets of your TV mount. For a double track-standard, you will want to use the studs to the left and right of the one holding up the television. Mark the stud(s) with the pencil.

2. Determine the installation height for the top shelf.It’s very important to get a good measurement here. If you install the shelf too close to the bottom of your television, then you won’t have enough space for your electronics. If you leave too much of a gap between the shelf and the TV wall brackets, then the entire unit might look a bit odd or out of balance. Use the tape measure and pencil for this step, and be sure to make accommodations for how high your electronics are and how thick your wood planks are. Be aware, too, that tilting flat screen mounts allow the television to angle forward about 15 or 20 degrees, which could affect your measurements.

3. Install the shelf standard(s) and brackets. With your electric drill, secure the top of the single- or double-track shelf standards at the spots identified in the previous step. Before fully tightening each screw, be sure to verify the vertical straightness of the standard with your level. Once the standards are in place, hook the shelf brackets in the desired locations. A double-track shelf standard will also need to be checked for horizontal straightness from bracket to bracket.

4. Install the shelves. Use the screwdriver and wood screws to affix each wood plank onto the brackets. Check that shelves are securely in place before loading them with your electronic components.

By following the instructions for this very simple DIY project, you can create a convenient and attractive storage area directly under your wall-mounted television for less than $100. Having shelves nearby makes flat screen mounts every bit as practical for your home entertainment needs as a full-sized TV stand, so start building yours today.

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