Benefits of Custom and Ready Made to Measure Curtains and Blinds


Using curtains and blinds on the windows of the home has many advantages. The most obvious ones are an increase in privacy and hence security, and also the practical benefits of shading light and assisting in temperature control. The next step up from using mainstream designs, would be to order bespoke designs that are unique for your home

In terms of curtains, one of the easiest ways to do this is to order ones that are made to measure for your window spaces. As most ready made curtains are too big or too small, custom measurements are a great way of making your curtains look perfect and professional. To do this one would need to employ a professional seamstress to bring the project together. For your part, you would need to provide the exact measurements of the window space to be covered, and also the fabric choices. When considering fabric, think about the different types of textures, patterns and colors. To do this, consider the existing styles and colors of your home and try to compliment the, – that is unless you are considering re-decorating the whole room! You may find however, that simply obtaining made to measure custom curtains may be much more cost-friendly than replacing all of the existing furniture, carpets and paint.

To a different extent, all of the above can also be achieved with made to measure blinds. In this field there is also a wide variety of choice. The principal part of blinds are slats that can be hung vertically or horizontally as well as normally being manufactured out of plastic, fabric, wood or metal. Again, a custom measurement makes them look even more professional and is even more important as blinds are often used specifically to control light and shade within the room. If the blinds are too small then they are simply not serving their purpose, whereas as those that are too large will look cumbersome and bulky.

For those folks who simply do not have the budget or inclination for custom window treatments, there is always the option of ready made versions that can be bought in a bricks and mortar store. This will cater for most sizes, colors and styles, but as previously mentioned, it may be difficult to get the exact size required. Hence ensure that you have the exact measurements required at hand before you purchase, so that you can buy the closest fit – ideally the next size larger. The result may not be perfect, but it should still do the practical job, albeit more affordably.

Overall, curtains and blinds are great at affording extra peace, privacy and comfort in your home – as well as being an affordable and relatively frugal way of giving your home a new look. By buying custom made to measure models you are in complete control off all of these important factors. However, ready made versions can offer just as much fun and practicality!

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